It is the machine by which Tonelli is known worldwide.

The Planetary” through time has become a mixer that can be simple or complex, depending on the customer requirements; it is normally equipped with a pair of mixing tools and a scraper, suitable for a given application, but thanks to the interchangeability with other tools it may become a universal machine. The versatility is to allow manufacturers to achieve different operations using a single machine.

Innovative Classics

The range of equipment, designed according to tradition with robust and long-lasting qualities, also provides integrated and complex systems, offering custom-made solutions. With products ranging from large, automated and computerized systems to mixers for smaller-scale businesses with a home-made touch, Tonelli Group is the ideal partner for both large and small companies working in the confectionery and bakery industry.

Planetary Mixing System

The exclusive Tonelli Planetary Mixing System combines the use of one or two tools with the scraper, depending on a pre-set rotating ratio, to guarantee quality mixing in a class of its own. To meet different production needs related to specific product technologies, Tonelli also provides a Dual motorization option. This means the revolution of tools is independent of their rotation, so the number of parameters that can be programmed for recipes can be increased.

Technical Data:  120 lt,  200 lt,  300 lt,  400 lt,  600 lt,  800 lt,  1.300 lt


All parts in contact with the product have been designed and developed to prevent the formation of bacteria. The mixing environment is fully washable, even at high pressures and can be integrated with C.I.P. washing circuits. The AISI 304 stainless steel execution, makes easy the overall cleaning easy.

Mixing Accessories

A wide range of tools that are interchangeable depending on product technologies, quick and easy to change, makes Tonelli Planetary mixers even more versatile.

Automatic feeding & dosing of ingredients

A wide range of ingredients, both powder and liquid, can be easily incorporated into the mixture, via manual or automatic feedings at each stage of the recipe. These inlets can be connected to a dosing system, consisting of tanks loaded with pre-weighed ingredients or filled through scales or dosing pumps.

  1. Fine Wire Whisk
  2. Large Basket Whisk
  3. Cross Beater
  4. Heavy Wire Whisk
  5. Spade Cutting Tool
  6. Ascending Spiral Round Bar
  7. Descending Spiral Round Bar
  8. Flat Paddle
  9. Double U Bar Paddle
  10. Flat Ascending Spiral Wide Bars
  1. Flat Ascending Spiral Narrow Cross Bars
  2. Flat Paddle
  3. Bowl Scraper
  4. Round Bowl Scraper
  5. Fine Wire Whisk
  6. Star Beater
  7. Cutting Tool
  8. Extralarge Spiral with Holes
  9. Intagral Scraper
  10. Cutters
  11. Sigma Tool


The bowls are made in AISI 304 stainless steel (or in AISI 316 on request), suitable for working in pressurized or vacuumed environments. The bottom is designed using a mold of Tonelli propriety which guarantees that the inside of each bowl has exactly the same shape, reaching the same standards even for multiple use or when items are purchased at different times. This inner shape matches the scraper perfectly, making sure that the mixture is continually directed towards the tools, speeding up and optimizing the mixing of the ingredients.

Product transfer


  • Cookies

  • Pasta brisè

  • Short-bread

  • Cake mixes

  • Sweet & Savory Leavened

  • Cream & mousse
  • Meringues

  • Marzipan

  • Ganache & Chocolates

  • Bakery products

Multifunctional Mixer

In special executions, the mixer can be supplied as a multifunctional cooking/cooling system. It features a bowl with jacketed walls, allowing saturated steam circulation for cooking, or water for cooling down the product in the same mixing chamber.

Through the high vacuum it is possible to speed up the cooling phase or concentrate the blend, while mixing.


The Multifunctional mixer has the following special features compared to the Classic Planetary Mixer:

  • Stainless steel safety cage to access the back side of the mixer, where the zone dedicated to the steam treatment into the mixer is settled;
  • Double walled bowls for saturated steam management at a high pressure – ISPES Safety Certification with final test at 6,5-7 Bar;
  • Mixing tools specific for mix cooked product mixes, even at high temperatures;
  • Scraping system specific for high temperatures; 11 Man-machine interface for production phases with steam mixer TP1200 12’’ color Siemens Touch Screen;
  • Steam preparation Unit can be provided on request.
  • Unit for the survey and management of the product temperature, control and setting of the desired temperature;
  • Unit for the automatic management of the saturated steam at a maximum temperature of 4 ATM;
  • Unit for cooking at desired temperatures and pressures;
  • Automatic unit for the management of condensed water;
  • Safety installation on the whole steam circuit;
  • Tonelli’s software for product cooking at different phases;


  • Jam
  • Jelly
  • Molleux
  • Condensed Milk
  • Toffies


  • Mou caramel
  • Marshmallow
  • Soufflé
  • Sauces & béchamel
  • Dulce de Leche