Tonelli Group wants to be a “preference partner” for both the Big Bakery Industries and the Artisan Bakers. A partner and not simply a supplier, our idea is to develop projects starting from the Customer with his active collaboration.

Our mission is to be with the Customer step by step during the productive process, from the recipe’s adjustment in our laboratory with the technologists’ support, to the definition of the right environmental variables for the production area; from the study of the product’s technical needs, to the final advice on the real production phase at the Customer’s facilities.

From the idea to the shelf… and beyond.


Riccardo Pennacchi


Alberto Pennacchi

Vice President

Gerardo Villa

Senior Area Manager Americas & Italy

Annalaura Pennacchi

Sales Area Manager

Marco Melegari

Director Engineering & Production

Giuliano Garbari

R&D Laboratory Management