Driven by the constant research for new technical solutions for the most special needs, TONELLI has created a series of heat exchangers for various production requirements: from the production of soft dough to pasteurized creams, and for any products that require a targeted heat treatment.

Wide scraped surface horizontal heat exchanger


  • Maximum operating pressure 21 bars.
  • Rotor AISI 316 with synthetic resin scrapers bacteriologically inert.
  • Stator AISI 316 with high section jacket for saturated steam injection.
    Hygienic design.
  • Integrated system for rapid rotor assembly and disassembly by means of rotating bearings.

Scraped surface rotary heat exchanger

  • “SANITARY DESIGN” heat exchanger for aeration and slow crystallization of products at medium/high viscosity and with high fat.

  • Cooling section in a high thickness gear included between two stators in which runs icy/glycolated water.

  • Aerating section via toothed head with independent movement.

  • Synthetic resin scrapers, high quality, inodorous, non-toxic, bacteriologically inert.

Double scraped surface heat exchanger

  • “SANITARY DESIGN” heat exchanger for continuous cooling of every kind of food products.

  • Beater teeth in stainless steel AISI 316 to optimize the air incorporation.

  • Double stator (inner-outer) with spiral for refrigerating or heating fluid circulation.  

  • Synthetic resin scrapers, high quality, inodorous, non-toxic, bacteriologically inert. 

  • Product aeration via air/gaseous nitrogen injection through automatic flowmeter.


CombiAerator ® is one the latest Tonelli developments. It’s a Scraped Surface Rotary Heat Exchanger featuring a very quick crystallization, joint to a high-grade homogenization, that refines the plasticization crystals while chilling (see left). The core patent is in the peculiar geometry of the unit, where teeth take turns with knives: the thermal exchange is highly increased, as well as homogenization and nitrogen incorporation (if present). The exchange chamber is narrow, but the exchange effectiveness is very high. This solution is extremely versatile, so that it fits variable technologies.

All the above versions are projected and built with “sanitary design“ regulations: the scraping knives are in high-grade synthetic resin, odorless, non-toxic, and bacteriologically inert.

This heat exchanger presents completely new technical solutions and thus was patented by Tonelli. The particular conformation of the rotor, which alternates scrapers and teeth, not only allows a thermal control of the batter, but also produces a marked effect of homogenization of the fat and gaseous phase. For this reason, with this system it is possible to produce and whip a very wide range of products, but mostly those products whose technology is not achievable with a classic aerator.