• High stability bearing structure, with new Tonelli design;
  • Mixing Environment (bowl, tool, cover) in AISI 304/316 SS;
  • Hydraulically controlled bowl rotation, flexible up to 140 degrees;
  • Special system for bowl locking during working phases;
  • Double cavity for forced circulation of cooling/heating;
    fluid and for insulation;
  • High Thermal Exchange;
  • Heavy duty mixing arm made of cast stainless steel AISI304;
  • Motorization directly coupled to the mixing arm and variable working
    speed from 0 to 100%;
    PLC and HMI control as standard;
  • Hydrodynamic washing unit; Possibility of installing retractable washing heads and relative drain valve and centrifugal pump for relaunching washing water.
  • Predisposed for ingredients’ automatic loading;
  • Front and rear bowl access,  for automatic front loading of the ingredients  and manual loading of minor ingredients from the back of the mixer. Access from a platform by ladder to easily introduce the ingredients into the bowl.

Technical Data: TR 500, TR 1000, TR 1500

‘Z’ universal arms ideal for soft and hard products

“Triple” arms ideal for ‘laminated’ pastry dough

Tonelli can customize your TR with dedicated automatic ‘liquid/powder’ dosing


  • Bakery products
  • Chewing gum
  • Cookies
  • Crackers
  • Hard dough
  • Dough pastries
  • Brisée pastry
  • Puff pastry