The CAM machine is a continuous mixer suitable to aerate and emulsify any product that requires even structure and increased volume. This is obtained through the combined action of a stator precision coupled to a rotor, both provided with whipping teeth. The stator is jacketed to allow forced circulation of cooling water.

Innovative Classics

The range of equipment, designed according to tradition with robust and long-lasting qualities, also provides integrated and complex systems, offering custom-made solutions.

With products ranging from large, automated and computerized systems to mixers for smaller-scale businesses with a home-made touch, Tonelli Group is the ideal partner for both large and small companies working in the confectionery and bakery industry.

Technical Data: CAM 10, CAM 50, CAM 70, CAM 80, CAM 120


  • Optimal feeding of the head, thanks to its vertical structure;
  • Control of the emulsified product’s process and specific weight;
  • Temperature control through thicker interspaces for heating/cooling;
  • Maximum hygiene with its tubular frame;
  • Production capacity improvement, thanks to the interchangeable heads according to the recipes;
  • The available heads have different lengths, to select the best one for the product to aerate. This brings about a great technological flexibility;
  • Top hygiene and easy cleaning, as rotor and stator are directly machined from a single piece, no welds or other fixings Even the tubular structure makes the washing phase easier;
  • Liquid ingredients can be injected straight into the aerating head or liquid and solid ingredients can be added just downstream to the aerating phase, with no impact on the quality of aeration while keeping the final specific gravity under strict control;
  • Easy access to the electric and pneumatic parts for maintenance;
  • Reduced vibrations, thanks to its low frame and improved motorization;
  • The separate cabinet reduces overheating of the components.


  • Bakery products
  • Mousse
  • Creams
  • Marshmallow

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