The Tonelli premixers for batters and creams allow to obtain a fast and simple mixing of ingredients, when the next step is a continuous process.

The mixing speed and times are completely adjustable, according to the working phases and the kind of raw materials. Thanks to this, the Tonelli premixers are extremely flexible and allow to obtain a high level of quality in the final mixed product. After mixing, the product is transferred by a mono screw pump to the buffer tank. Our premixers are all built in AISI 304 stainless steel and are fully washable, with predisposition for C.I.P. systems; the management through PLC and HMI allows the storage of recipes and a safe and easy use by the operator.

Technical Data: RPX 200,  RPX 400,  RPX 600,  CRPX 200,  CRPX 300

Batter Premixer RPX

This is the classic system for batter preparation, in which mixing times are extremely fast. Mixing is obtained with small and frequent batches, in order to avoid any long resting times and assure that  the quality of the product is optimal.

Buffer Tank ST

The pre-mixed product is transferred to a Buffer Tank where it is kept cold, so that the following step of aeration can be performed at best. The cone shape allows the perfect draining and the inner agitation with scraping blades assures homogeneous cooling of the batter batch.

Cream Premixer CRPX

This premixer produces cream for fillings extremely fast, thanks to its “motorized and static mixing system”. Cream can be conditioned through the cavity wall, in which cold water keeps the temperature uniform for the following step of the aeration. Cream transfer is eased by a screw feeder for pump. Both premixer and tank are built in such a way that all the parts on contact with the product can be perfectly cleaned.

Buffer Tank ST

It is a container for cream storage and feeding, jacketed for hot water forced circulation. One arm agitates the stored cream, while dedicated scrapers prevent the cream from sticking to the internal wall.


  • Cakes

  • Swiss Rolls

  • Sponge Cakes

  • Lady fingers

  • Stuffings

  • Creams

  • Hydrated Creams

  • Cream and mousse
  • Meringues

  • Marzipan

  • Ganache & Chocolates

  • Bakery products