This special execution of the Vertical Planetary Mixer is a multifunctional cooking/cooling system.

It features a bowl with jacketed walls, allowing saturated steam circulation for cooking or water for cooling down the product in the same mixing chamber. Through the high vacuum it is possible to speed up the cooling phase or concentrate the blend, while mixing.

This system also allows to aerate the product with purified air under pressure and to use new cooling technologies – CO2, liquid nitrogen, glycol for the food industry.

Special mixing tools and scraper are specially designed and dedicated to for this extreme mixing environment. Safety is guaranteed by inox cages, protecting the operator from the whole steam circuit.

With its great flexibility, the Multifunctional Mixer realizes a great variety of products, such as pâte a chou, marzipan, dulce de leche, wafer, creams, sauces, jams, etc.


The Multifunctional mixer has the following special features, compared to the Classic Planetary Mixer:

  1. The Multifunctional mixer has the following dedicated characteristics, compared to the Classic Planetary Mixer:
  2. Unit for the survey and management of the product temperature, control and setting of the desired temperature;
  3. Unit for the automatic management of the saturated steam at a maximum temperature of 4 ATM;
  4. Unit for cooking at desired temperatures and pressures;
  5. Automatic unit for the management of condensed water;
  6. Safety installation on the whole steam circuit;
  7. Tonelli’s software for product cooking at different phases;
  8. Stainless steel safety cage to access the back side of the mixer, where the zone dedicated to the steam treatment into the mixer is settled;
  9. Double walled bowls for saturated steam management at a high pressure – ISPES Safety Certification with final test at 6,5-7 Bar;
  10. Mixing tools and scraping systems specific for cooked products mixes, even at high temperatures;
  11. Man-machine interface for production phases with steam mixer TP1200 12’’ color Siemens Touch Screen;
  12. Steam preparation Unit can be provided on request.

Temperature Management

The temperature control is achieved by PLC, which manage the steam valves whilst a probe reads the temperature in the very heart of the mixture, so that is possible to modulate the recipe phases with great precision, saving time and improving the product consistency.

Cooling with liquid nitrogen

Combined or alternatively to the use of hard vacuum, this Tonelli Patent allows a very low cooling temperature, introducing liquid nitrogen directly into the mix, in a very short time.

Hard vacuum unit

Speeds up concentration and/or cooling processes while safeguarding the organoleptic properties of the product.

Computerized management system

All recipe stages are managed by TONELLI ‘in house’ designed software, combined with sophisticated Allen Bradley, Siemens, Telemecanique and Omron PLC systems with Panel View and Touch Panel for complete automation of the mixing process.

More than 50 recipes, with relative process parameters (time, speed, air pressure, stages for adding ingredients, etc.) can easily be stored from the control panel. A complete graphic interface with icons makes the machine’s operating functions extremely user-friendly, even for non-experts.


  • Jam
  • Jelly, aspir miroir

  • Molleux

  • Condensed milk

  • Toffees

  • Mou caramel

  • Marshmallow

  • Soufflé

  • Sauces & Béchamel

  • Dulce de leche