- Cost savings thanks to drastic reduction in processing time
- High precision in reaching and keeping the right temperature
- Homogeneity of the end product
- Possibility to aerate product with purified air under pressure
- Best combination of mixing and thermical treatment
- Versatility of use for a wide range of technologies

The bowl is steam jacketed which allows sauces or pastry to be cooked and then cooled in the same bowl via water chilled bowls and vacuum. The temperature is controlled via the PLC, which controls the steam valves whilst a temperature probe reads the temperature in the centre of the bowl. The big advantage of this system is time savings and product consistency. Moreover, this system allows to aerate the batter with purified air under pressure and to employ new cooling technologies – CO2, liquid nitrogen, glycol for the food industry – and the hard vacuum for concentrating.
The extreme flexibility allows the Multifunctional Mixer to realize a great variety of products, such as pâte a chou, marzipan, dulche de leche, wafer, creams, sauces, ragout gravy, jam, etc.


TWIN MOTORIZATION to untie completely rotation and revolving of the two mixing tools.
DOUBLE WALLED BOWL with automatic couplings either for saturated steam or cold water circulation.
HARD VACUUM UNIT speeds up concentration and/or cooling processes while safeguarding the organoleptic properties of the product
CHILLING UNIT to deliver pressurized water down to 4°C in the double wall of the bowl.
TEMPERATURE MANAGEMENT, assured by Tonelli Software and regulated through a control probe positioned right in the middle of the mixing chamber.
COOLING WITH LIQUID NITROGEN (TONELLI PATENT) Combined or alternatively to the use of hard vacuum, this Tonelli Patent allows a very low temperature cooling, introducing liquid nitrogen directly into the mixing, in a very short time.
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