- Ganaches
- Sponge cakes
- Creams
- Mousses
- Macaron
- Jelly
- Whipped creams
- Marshmallows
- Chiffon cakes

The CAM machine is a continuous mixer suitable to aerate and emulsify any product that requires even structure and increased volume.
This is obtained through the combined action of a stator precision coupled to a rotor, both provided with whipping teeth. The stator is jacketed to allow forced circulation of cooling water.

What’s new?

- Optimal feeding of the head thanks to its vertical structure;
- Control of the emulsified product’s process and specific weight;
- Temperature control through more thick interspaces for heating/cooling;
- Production capacity improvement, thanks to the interchangeable heads according to the recipes;
- Technological flexibility, for the different length of the heads, that suits to several different products;
- Hygiene and easy cleaning, because rotor and stator are directly machined out of a single solid stainless steel block and there is no welding, or other fixing, so unheard levels of hygiene are achievable;
- Introduction of food colour, suspended particles, jelly, etc…;
- Easy access to the electric and pneumatic parts for maintenance;
- Reduced vibrations, thanks to its low frame and improved motorization;
- The separate cabinet reduces overheating of the components.

Project details