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TONELLI Planetary Mixers, which have always been a top choice for confectionery and bakery manufacturers around the world, continue to deliver innovative design combined with Italian creativity.
The range of equipment, designed to tradition with robust and long-lasting qualities, also provides integrated and complex systems, offering custom-made solutions to clients.
With products ranging from large, automated and computerised systems to mixers for smaller-scale businesses with a home-made touch, the TONELLI GROUP is the ideal partner for both large and small companies working in the confectionery and bakery industry.


- PLANETARY MIXING SYSTEM, combines the use of one or two tools with the scraper, depending on a pre-set rotating ratio, to guarantee quality mixing in a class of its own.
- DUAL MOTORISATION OPTION. This means the revolution of tools is independent of their rotation, so the number of parameters that can be programmed for recipes can be increased.
- HYGIENE. All parts in contact with the product have been designed and developed to be fully washable, even at high pressures and can be integrated with C.I.P. washing circuits.
- MANUAL OR AUTOMATIC FEEDING of a wide range of ingredients; DOSING of liquids using magnetic or mass flow meters, and powders using gravitation weighing feeders. Accuracy: 3‰.
- PERFECT SCRAPING, the inside of the bowl (exclusive Tonelli mould) is perfectly scraped at all times and that the mixture is continually directed towards the tools. This in turn speeds up and optimises ingredient mixing.
- PRODUCT TRANSFER, Specific positive-displacement pump to suit the particular characteristics of the product; Pneumatic system; Product lifters and tilters for high viscosity products, or products with particulates; Ejectors for particular technological needs; Robotic Laser Movement (LGV).
- INTERCHANGEABLE MIXING TOOLS, depending on product technologies, quick and easy to change, make Tonelli Planetary mixers even more versatile.
- COMPUTERISED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, more than 50 recipes, with relative process parameters can easily be stored from the control panel. A complete graphic interface with icons makes the machine’s operating functions extremely user-friendly, even for non-experts.
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