Tonelli has created a 700 sqmt Laboratory Area, in which Engineers and Technologists have carried out, through years, many trials that have brought about the creation of new Mixers, Buffer Tanks, Product Transfer Systems and new patented Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers.

Moreover, different technologies have been studied and applied, thanks to laboratory trials, such as thermal treatments (liquid or gaseous nitrogen, freon, glycolic water, saturated steam, etc…)

Today Tonelli is specialized in a great variety of applications: mousses, jelly, jam, sauces, marshmallows, dulche de leche, cookies, cakes, sponge, whipped creams, cooked creams, fat’s plasticization and many others.

Tonelli Laboratory is the fulcrum of the Tonelli Universe.
It is available for Customers to realize tests with their own recipes or with the technological support of Technologists for discovering new products.