„Strength, efficiency, reliability and hygiene are the skills that characterize the Horizontal Mixers TR series of Tonelli, specific for kneading healthy hard doughs“

The Tonelli Horizontal Mixer TR model, has been developed to produce strong consistency doughs for cookies and crackers, hard doughs and fillings, donuts, marie, petit beurre and shortcrusts, pizza and brad doughs, even gluten free or bio.

With its high stability bearing structure entirely in Stainless Steel AISI304, in a new Tonelli design, the TR series has a mixing chamber which has been developed in 3 sizes: 500, 1000 or 1500 kg per batch.

The heavy-duty mixing arm is made of a single cast stainless steel AISI304, shaftless so to improve the discharge, the cleaning and the dough hygiene. A direct drive directly coupled to the mixing arm ensures that both energy consumption and maintenance costs are reduced compared to conventional power transmission via drive belts. Variable working speed continuously from 0 to 100%, PLC and HMI control are standard features, as well as the double insulated wall for forcing circulation of refrigerating or heating fluid, which allows high thermal exchange.

The chamber can be opened from the front by turning it through up to 120°, thus greatly simplifying removal of the dough, discharging directly on conveyor belts that fed the production line without any operator’s intervention, and from the back for ingredients’ manual loading. A special cover locks hermetically the chamber during working phases and allows the insertion of retractile hydrodynamic or motorized heads for perfect cleaning and sanitizing, even in C.I.P. systems.

If the customer requires a complete automation of the whole process, it can be achieved with weighing and dosing systems for automatic loading of ingredients that can manage simultaneously different kinds of powders (wheat and spelt flour, white and cane sugar, milk powder) thanks to scales in weight addition. Even dried fruits (raisins, goji berries, almonds, etc.) can be added and managed without problems, enriching the product in proteins and minerals. These loading systems can also be split in case of differentiated productions, with or without gluten, a widespread trend nowadays, to avoid contaminations.

TR technical information

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